Crisis Planning, Response and 
Recovery for Your Pet Business

About The Author

Sonya Wilson

Sonya Wilson began working with dogs at a very early age, standing with her four-legged siblings at the fence and barking at sanitation workers. The strategy was successful; and she has lived with dogs ever since.

A descendant of early Texas settlers, Sonya earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Texas A&M University and holds a lifetime teaching certificate.

Ms. Wilson has been training dogs since 1990. In 2002, she opened Austin, Texas’ first completely kennel free canine daycare, Southpaws Playschool. Sonya trains pet professionals and pet owners in pet first aid and emergency preparation and response through Four Legged First Aid, a program she originated in 2011.

Sonya spends most of her time working with the dogs at Southpaws Playschool (including her own six random-bred dogs). Sonya’s goal as a canine day care owner and trainer is to make a positive, loving impact on the dogs in her care.

photo by Steve Armstrong Photography