Crisis Planning, Response and 
Recovery for Your Pet Business

Hairy Situations is the first book of its kind written specially for the pet care industry. It is not just a template of documents to place in a binder.

Hairy Situations describes crises that can happen in the pet care industry and how disasters affect these businesses differently from companies that deal with papers or people.

Hairy Situations lists detailed ways to mitigate crises and even prevent disasters.

Hairy Situations provides a roadmap that will guide you in preparing a disaster binder for your pet care business and shows you how to train employees to use the binder effectively in a crisis.
Hairy Situations uses an “all hazards” approach to crisis response that will help you become better able to recover physically, financially and emotionally from disaster.

From Hairy Situations:

“I have owned a canine day care since 2002, and my business has faced some “hairy situations.” Each time, I rationalized my lack of planning and preparation: there was no extra time, it was too expensive, it was too much trouble, our business was too small to need a plan, and on and on. Finally, I realized that I needed a written crisis response plan so that I could run my pet care business at its optimal level.”

There was no way to use a ready-made corporate template, because there weren’t any available that were relevant to my business. Hairy Situations is the result of the work that I did to construct an effective, comprehensive plan that would prepare my employees and my pet business to overcome any crisis that might arise.

Who the Book is For:

This book is a must read for all owners and managers involved in:

  • canine daycares
  • pet boarding facilities
  • kennels
  • pet sitting companies
  • veterinary clinics
  • pet stores
  • any business that houses animals and needs to keep them safe

What’s in the Book:

See our Table of Contents for a list of topics covered in Hairy Situations.